Jack Johnson Reunites With Ben Harper For ‘Change’

jack johnson1 e1377182087315 Jack Johnson Reunites With Ben Harper For Change

The first time Jack Johnson met Ben Harper, Harper was singing one of Johnson’s songs. Fifteen years and numerous collaborations later, the two still remain friends and worked together on one of the tracks off Johnson’s forthcoming album, From Here to Now to You. In an interview with Radio.com, Johnson recalled the very first time he met Harper and how they came to work together on the new song, “Change.”

Watch the duo team up in the studio as they suss out the final touches to the song.

“When I look back to the very first time we met, I heard him sing some of my lyrics when he was walking up behind me,” Johnson told Radio.com. “I just couldn’t believe that he would have listened to it enough that he could have memorized the melody and the words to one of my songs and how much that meant to me.”

Johnson said recording the song “Change” was “a real nice experience,” and said he looked up to Harper and his music long before he even knew him.

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