Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto To Call From NASA Monday Morning

Listen live as Jared Leto premieres the band's new song, "Up In The Air."

Thirty Seconds To Mars have successfully flown the first single off their upcoming album to the International Space Station and now they’re ready for Earthlings to hear it.

The band–Jared and Shannon Leto, along with guitarist Tomo Miličević–watched from Cape Canaveral as their aptly titled new song, “Up In The Air,” made its journey 246 miles from Earth’s surface. Upon seeing their new song dock at the  space station, the group’s excitement could only be matched by that of The Echelon, the league of loyal Thirty Seconds To Mars fans who are now one step closer to hearing new music from the band.

Hear the new song Monday, March 18 when Leto phones KROQ-Los Angeles’ Kevin & Bean live from NASA. “Up In The Air” goes on sale the following day, Tuesday, March 19.

Listen live Monday morning in the 8:00 a.m. hour (PDT).


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