Power Trip @ 35 Denton

4power trip Power Trip @ 35 Denton

The 35 Denton music festival kicked off its Thursday with some speed metal from Power Trip, a crossover thrash band from Dallas. As soon as the band took the stage, the front man  Riley, gave a disclaimer to the crowd that they like their fans to get rowdy. The first riff hit and things got crazier than a Harlem Shake video after the cut to. People were throwing elbows and fists; one guy could be seen looking on the floor for something important while getting knocked down repeatedly and Power Trip fans were screaming the band’s lyrics back to them, occasionally getting mic attention. The sound, though heavy, was some of the clearest, crispest metal I’ve heard and the guys were really having fun with it. After seeing a few onlookers get hurt, the vocalist decided to make another announcement: “Hey, keep it friendly out there. Denton started this for a community and we wanna keep it that way.” The crowd’s reaction shouldn’t have been any surprise as this was the same ensemble that got crowd surfing during an in store performance at Good Records. All in all, Power Trip offered accessible metal with on point vocals.

Story by Jillian Jordan


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