Fat Tony @ 35 Denton


Photo courtesy of our in-house photographer: Andrea Younes.

My, oh my, what can we say about the Fat Tony set at Hailey’s on Friday night? The performance brought energy that got everyone hyped on material from his newest release “Double Dragon” with Tom Cruz, who joined Fat Tony on stage. The delivery from Tom Cruz was similar to Das Racist and lyrics were playful and poignant. In “Smart Ass Black Boy” produced by Cruz, lines like “What school you went to? Skyline? I heard Tom Hanks went to Skyline” and “All I care about is money and the city I’m from. Isn’t that the same as the Tea Party platform?” got people yelling “ohhh!” in appreciation. If the socially conscious lyrics weren’t enough, someone held a cat up in the air, passing it to Fat Tony who gave it a few pets in between lines without one surprised look. Maybe Fat Tony is used to people doing crazy things when he’s performing, because the close out was an invitation to the crowd that led to a full-stage dance party. First it was just the ladies, but the guys got up and dropped it like back up dancers at a Big Freedia show and that’s when you knew you were seeing something monumental for this years’ fest. Ya’ll get back now.


Story by Jillian Jordan


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