Astronautalis @ 35 Denton

art15687widea Astronautalis @ 35 Denton

Charles Andrew Bothwell, aka Astronautalis, was a highlight to this years’ fest. Heralding from Florida, he’s a somewhat different breed of alternative hip hop artist that can take random words shouted to him from the crowd and create some semblance of order. This year, Denton gave him: Cuties (nectarines), Germany, and rooster claw, to name a few. Astronautalis, though in a class all his own, is as dynamic the now defunct Eyedea (RIP) and Abilities of Minnesota’s Rhymesayers label. Astronautalis is a Denton fan, and it shows. He frequently laments on past memories in the City — namely getting arrested for underage drinking on Fry Street — and feels it acted an incubator for his current fame. Given his warm feelings for Denton, he looked comfortable and confident on the stage and had a live show that packed considerable impact with heavy and heartfelt lyrics. One can’t help but relate his appearance (and folk-like storytelling rhymes) akin to an O.G. Macklemore.  But this rapper is all hometown hero and the crowd was all proud mammas and papas.


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