Don’t Call Matt & Kim ‘Cute’

With energetic live shows, a “Harlem Shake” under their belt and a penchant for outrageous music videos, Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim always seem to be having as much fun as possible. You can call them fun and quirky but whatever you do don’t call them “cute.”

“We don’t like cute,” asserted drummer Kim Schifino in a recent interview with San Francisco’s LIVE 105.

The band has also gone to some unusual lengths to avoid the cute stigma, especially when it comes to the visual elements that accompany their music.

“We avoided cute for a long time,” Matt Johnson said. “That’s why we have music videos with a lot a blood in them. We’ve used gallons of fake blood in music videos specifically to get rid of some of that.”

While they’ve striven to avoid the dreaded c-word, the band has done their best to stay grounded and remember that rock and roll is a really killer day job.

“We just realize that this is rock and roll and it should be fun and we should have a good time doing it,” Johnson saud. “Then we can create a cycle where everyone is like, ‘We get to do this for a living – this is awesome,’ rather than everyone just being bitter.”

Matt & Kim’s are supporting their latest album Lightningnow available, with a U.S. tour which continues through the summer.

— Bradford Hornsby, LIVE 105 San Francisco


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