Matt & Kim Perform Synchronized Swimming While Asleep In Bed

No one will ever accuse Matt & Kim of taking themselves too seriously. Just recently, they did the Harlem Shake in front of a sold-out arena and showed off their nearly NSFW tattoos in a interview. They even stripped down to their birthday suits in New York’s Times Square during their 2009 video for “Lessons Learned.”

In the video for their latest single “It’s Alright,” the Brooklyn duo show their willingness to go wild, once again. The video depicts the romantically linked Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino sleeping soundly in bed before they break out into an intricately choreographed dance like routine, reminiscent of Olympic synchronized swimming.

“As some of you might know this is our favorite song off of Lightning and this video gets pretty real. I hope you enjoy it and spread it around.” Matt & Kim posted on their website, “I also hope you learn a few things from it and you can thank me when I see you next!”

Matt & Kim are currently on tour with Passion Pit, traveling the U.S. until early March before they fly to Australia and New Zealand. Their fourth studio album Lightning is available now on the Fader Label.

— Bradford Hornsby, LIVE 105/San Francisco


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