Nerds Rule: The Do’s & Don’ts of Nerd Chic

Maybe it’s the upcoming Descendents concert or the ultra cool Armored Knight hoodie I found on the internet, but I feel like getting my nerd on. I recently told a new acquaintance that I was a closet nerd. She leaned in and politely told me it wasn’t a secret. So be it.

Don’t get it twisted. This does not refer to the 40-year-old who spends days and nights in the dark cave of his grandmother’s basement playing derivatives of Dungeons and Dragons. Hipsters don’t count either. I’m talking about the Kings and Queens of Cool. These are the genuine folks who no longer hide their intelligence but flaunt it with confidence. This includes Paul Vermeesch, the guy who infused an M.C Escher sketch AND Star Wars using Legos.

Smart guys are sexy, but the balance between smart and obnoxious is crucial. Walking encyclopedias are only kosher during a trivia contest at your local bar. You should know how to build, fix, or invent cool stuff and still have good taste in music. It helps if your collection of obscure referenced t-shirts are paired with polyester pants (not everyone can pull off skinny jeans). Social skills are extremely important. The exception being…You can be as awkward as I am, but not more so.

And because the Nerd Revolution is not gender specific, the same goes for women. Embrace your sexy vixen and your inner nerd that longs to be heard. You can do both. Think international female spy and less Catholic school girl porn star.

It has never been about your IQ (although that helps), but it is about what you do with what you have. Think about it. The irony of commonsense isn’t all that common. As my go-to Nerd Tony H. said,” I think being ‘the nerd’ is [about] being passionate, in that we’d never let anyone tell us we can or can’t be or who/what we want, and being ambitious enough to achieve our goals and dreams, even if society doesn’t approve or criticizes the journey. This means that the world may make fun of me, but in TonyTown, it’s my world and dreams that count, not theirs.”

At the end of the day, if you aren’t comfortable with you who really are, how are the rest of us supposed to accept you?

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