Morrissey Gets Even More Morrissey-y

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We did it Dallas!!! We’ve become a part of the rich and complex world of Morrissey lore! It’s an exclusive club and it lasts forever and ever – just like Morrissey’s chest hair.
Speaking of hair…

Morrissey Salvages His Own Hair Trimmings

“A bystander at the shop testified that Morrissey scooped up his hair trimmings and took them to go.”

Dude not only got his famous locks cut here in our fair city, but he doggy-bagged it!
And I think I know why….

Morrissey fans are insane. They love Morrissey more than……(author looks into the middle distance and sighs, as though contemplating the expansion of the universe). The Mozzer’s fans totally love him enough to scoop up his hair and keep it, so as weird and as baffling as the article is trying to make this scenario out to be, honestly, I think Sean Patrick Morrissey is watching out for you and your crazy.

Now that is a reason to love Morrissey.


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