F3F: Slayer

Are my ears bleeding?? I have never seen so much fist pumping, head banging and devil horns in my life. Did I forget to mention hail Satan chants and a satan mask? The result of this crowd was possibly the highest concentration of black t-shirts in Austin, ever. That was one mosh pit that I would stay FAR away from. At the end of the show, I saw some guy come out with a broken nose and two black eyes!


I do have to say that this thrash metal band from the 80’s can still rock pretty hard even at their age. They are just as intense as I thought they would be. The graphic Slayer backdrop, severely loud music and powerful smoke machines made for an interesting performance to say the least. It takes some crazy skills to play that fast. Not really my scene, but if you’re passionate about heavy metal or just a good live show in general then Slayer is something to see.




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