F3F: More Slayer…

I’ve seen Slayer play twice, so how did Sunday night’s FFF finale gig compare to the previous shows of theirs that I’ve witnessed?
It was amazing, as it was every other time and always will be until the band members are in wheel chairs, which even then, will probably be better than Danzig’s gig on Friday. OOOOOHHH BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Some people love Slayer, I mean they love Slayer and rightfully so – provided you are into aggressive music of any form; others do not like Slayer, but like them or not, everyone should see a Slayer gig once. If you don’t like it, you’ll have enough Slayer to last a lifetime but if you do like it, you are hooked into a Faustian like bond.

Slayer is a perfect band. Not THE perfect band but a perfect band none the less.

It is complete annihilation. It is face melting riffs, speed, aggression, volume, lyrics, feel and content. The definition of “horns up”. The complete and ugly epitome of the darkness of rock and roll that mothers and preachers warn against but you’re never able to actually find in real life.

Slayer took the Orange Stage Sunday night to close the fest following comedian Brian Posehn (GENIUS MOVE PUTTING HIM ON BEFORE!) and came out blaring the kind of noise the precedes and follows Armageddon.

Make no mistake, Slayer is getting old but somehow these guys excel at their dark craft, harnessing Old Man power to deliver battle axe like sonic assaults on it’s rabid fans and short time converts.

After I sent a tweet about guitarist Jeff Hanneman, I got to looking closer and noticed it wasn’t Jeff. But who was it and why was he gone you ask? Uhhhh, the most metal reason ever for missing a gig:

“Gary Holt of EXODUS is once again filling in for SLAYER founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman who in January contracted necrotizing fasciitis, likely caused by a spider bite, and has been undergoing surgeries, skin grafts and intense rehab since.” – blabbermouth.net

Dude missed a gig with Slayer because of an ailment that totally sounds like a Slayer song.


The crowd was amped to, well…Slayer like levels, and they raged and slammed and pushed and shouted and bled and sweat and had an amazing time. At one point, a gigantic dude in front of me, who looked horrifying, picked up an 8 year old who was with his Dad, threw him on his shoulders and they both raged – horns up, head banging to “Raining Blood”, it was an awesome sight.
A perfect example of the reality and the theater that goes along with metal.
Dude looks like he’d murder your family but would actually pick them up from the airport, or drop off a casserole.

Slayer might sound like the blood spattered walls of a horrific crime scene, but really, it’s fun. That’s all it is – pure fun – like a horror movie; as evidenced by the demeanor of the band on stage. Lead singer and vocalist Tom Araya, had a smile on his face for the majority of the gig and when the rest of the band aren’t muscling the wailing, amazing and blindingly fast sounds from their instruments they look like they are having fun too, except Kerry King…that guy is intense.

Slayer can still play fast; faster than any band younger than them, faster than you, faster than anyone.

If you don’t like Slayer as a band, go for the instrumentation, go for the spectacle, go for the privilege of being able to say you survived a Slayer gig.

Just go.

You will not be disappointed, in fact, I’ll bet you’ll see them again.



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