Marquee’s Getting Geared Up For The 35 Conferette and Bro Fest

35 conferette jpg 728x520 q85 Marquees Getting Geared Up For The 35 Conferette and Bro Fest

A very exciting time of year for the concert lover! The 35 Conferette happens this week, SXSW next week and Bro Fest on top of all that. It’s almost too good. I am going on a live music safari for the next two weeks and I cannot wait.

See ya later, regular life. I’ve got concerts to attend!

Quick Side Note -  If you type the number 35 into Google the first thing that pops is “35 Conferete”. The second one is “35 Weeks Pregnant”. The third being “35 Conferete Lineup”.

How did “35 Weeks Pregnant” get in there???!!


The WalkmenGranada Theater – 3/5/11
While I Shoveled The Snow
Orange Sunday

The Head And The HeartGranada Theater – 3/5/11
Cats And Dogs
Down In The Valley

Bare WiresGood Records – 3/9/11
Let Down
Looking For Some Action

What Cheer? BrigadeGood Records – 3/9/11

Analog Rebellion35 Conferette Main Stage #2 – 3/11/11

Land Mammals35 Conferette Square Stage – 3/11/11
Pop Rocks

Dr. Dog35 Conferette Main Stage # 1 – 3/11/11
Ain’t It Strange

Mister Heavenly35 Conferette Main Stage #2 – 3/11/11
Mister Heavenly
Pineapple Girl

CastanetsBro Fest @ Club Dada – 3/20/11
This Is The Early Game
Worn From The Fight (With Fireworks)

And now let’s get ready for the 35 Conferette by watching the greatest video ever created by a band playing the 35 Conferette this year…



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